Nano-encapsulation of Epoxy Healing Agent with PMMA Shell Using In-situ Nanoemulsion Polymerization
1وزارت علوم
2Department of Applied Chemistry, Malek-ashtar University of Technology, Isfahan, I.R. Iran
PMMA shell Nano capsules which contains epoxy resin (EC157) healing agent has been successfully synthesized via in situ nanoemulsion polymerization using phase inversion method. FTIR results demonstrated the strong presence of epoxy resin in nanocapsules. The efficiency of nano encapsulation was 72 %. Results also revealed that the synthesized nano capsules have at least 37 % core contents. SEM investigations also showed that nano-capsules had a particle size less than 100 nm with a narrow particle size distribution. this method give nanosize capsules and can be an alternative instead of phase separation method. The Surface of nano capsules shell seemes rough.