Since the establishment of the Iranian Association of Chemical Engineers (IAChE) in 1990, 15 annual national and 9 international congresses of chemical engineering have been the major forum for Iranian and international chemical engineers and scientists to present and exchange their research papers. The number of papers presented at these congresses has been steadily increasing each year. The congresses cover vast areas of chemical engineering science and practice including specialized workshops and industrial researches.

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Philippe Tanguy, the President of Ecole Polytechnique of Montréal
Higher Education in the Innovation Landscape
Professor Jamal Chaouki, Chemical Eng. Dept., Ecole Polytechnique of Montréal
Developing Novel Processes from Complex and Abundant Feedstocks: Which role for the Innovative Microreactors
Professor Günter Richard Wozny, Berlin University of Technology
Aspects of long-term Industry-University Cooperation Projects
Professor Zitha Pacelli, Delft University of Technology

Polymers and Gels for Improved Enhanced Oil Recovery??

Professor Willi Meier, Director of International Affairs, DECHEMA Institute
Machine Learning for Process Optimization
Professor Nasim Annabi, Department of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University
Microengineered Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering and Surgical Applications



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