Number of Proceedings: 551

26 The effect of electrospinning parameters and addition of zeolite nanoparticles on morphology and properties of PES nanofibers
Zahra Estedlali; Abdolreza Aroujalian; Parisa Salimi
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27 Catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis products using Re-Sn/ZSM-5
Shahin Shahsavari; Seyed Amir Hossein Seyed Mousavi
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28 Preparation and evaluation of plasticized chitosan (CS) films by different amounts of glycerol (Gly)
seyed mohammad mohammadi sadati; Narges Shahgholian-Ghahfarrokhi; Jamshid Mohammadiroshandeh*; Mohsen Shahrousvand
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29 Effect of vapor induced phase separation parameters in controlling the morphology of polyethersulfone microfiltration membrane
Saba Baranlouie; Abdolreza Aroujalian; Parisa Salimi
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30 Microfluidic-Assisted Fabrication of the Optimized Nanoparticles Based on Carboxymethyl Chitosan Containing Metformin Hydrochloride
Atefe Sadeghi; payam zahedi*; Alireza Khatibi; Hedayatollah Ghourchian
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31 Effects of Ag on Ag/g-C3N4 composite: using in wound healing
maral soroorian; Danial Nemati; Mohsen ashjari; Hamid Rashedi*; Fatemeh Yazdian
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32 A Novel Method for Simulate the Drilling Fluid Filtration Under Dynamic Conditions
Saeid Jamshidi*
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33 Measurement of radionuclides transport parameters for soil samples from Naeen radioactive waste disposal site
Marzieh Amini; Mohammad Samadfam*
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34 Effect of Preparation Method of CuFe2O4 Catalysts on Methane Conversion in Catalytic Combustion
Arash Shafaei; Abdullah irankhah*
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35 Investigation of cobalt promoted Fe/γ-Al2O3 catalyst in catalytic combustion of methane process
Abdullah irankhah*; Melika Kasiri; Reza Mahdi; Yegane Davoodbeygi
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36 Thermodynamic and kinetic Experimental Study of CO2 Gas Hydrate Formation in the Presence of Cyclopentane and Silica Nano Fluids
Ali Haghtalab*; Farhad Fakhimzadeh; Soheil Zebardast
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37 Assessment of Three Phase Relative Permeability Models for Near-Miscible Gas/Oil Systems: Saturation Path and Injectivity
seyed Mobin Fatemi*; Seyed Emad Siadatifar; Mehdi Firoozi
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38 Preparation and Characterization of a Novel Microencapsulation Process of Modified-Phase Change Material
ahmad reza bahramian
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39 Investigation of the efficiency of sequencing batch reactor (SBR) in Cefixime antibiotic removal from aqueous solutions
Saeideh sadat Riazi; Asghar Alizadeh dakhel*; Alireza Pendashteh
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40 The New Experimental Validation of a Rigorous Absorber and Desorber Thermodynamic Model for CO2 Capturing by Mono-Ethanol Amine (MEA)
Hamid Reza Kalatjari; Mohamad Reza Jafari Nasr*; Ali Haghtalab; Amir Heidarinasab
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41 Recurrence Based Strategy for Fault Detection of Tennessee Eastman Process
Reza Zarghami*; Hooman Ziaei Halimejani; Navid Mostoufi
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42 Selecting of vaporizer in LNG regasification plant
Mitra Ebrahimi Gardeshi*; Mohammad Ali Shobeiri
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43 Investigation of the effect of different polymers and feed pressure on the required membrane area for air dehumidification in HVAC systems
Farideh Abdollahi; Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard*; Arash Khosravi
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44 Optimization of a liquefied natural gas plant for utilizing associated natural gas streams
Saeed Eini; Davood Rashtchian*
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45 Alginate-based hydrogel particles as a gastrointestinal-resistant carrier for probiotic bacteria
Asma Sadat Vaziri; Iran Alemzadeh*
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46 Influence of Different Salts on the Enhanced Oil Recovery with Different Spacer Length Gemini Ionic Liquids for Interfacial Tension Reduction
Mona Kharazi; Javad Saien*
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47 The Modeling of Peng–Robinson, Soave-Redlich-Kwong and Pazuki equations of state to predict the solubility of Amiodarone Hydrochloride, Ketotifen fumarate and Celecoxib in supercritical carbon dioxide
Gholamreza Pazuki; Mahtab Moradi
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48 Simulation of water desalination based on humidification and dehumidification by using the artificial neural network
Fatemeh Najafi; Davood Iranshahi*
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49 Prediction of Membrane Desalination Process Performance in The Water Industrial Units by Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
HamiD Reza Ardeshiri Lordejani; Amir Heidari
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50 Application of Ionic Liquids in gas separation: CO2 Capture
Erfan Tooraji; Ali Kargari*; Foad Monemian Esfahani
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