Residence Time Distribution in a Continuous Rotary Drum by DEM Simulation
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1Department of Chemical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology
2Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Engineering
3TU Wien
Rotary drum is used in many industrial applications such as pyrolysis of bio-matter. With the increase in the computational capacity and parallel computing, more industrial units can be simulated by detailed models. Discrete element method is a powerful tool for analysis of discontinuous media such as powders. In this study, the effect of inclination angle and rotation speed are studied. The results showed that mean residence time decreased from 24 s to 6 s as the inclination angle increases from 6° to 14 and this relation is linear. The distribution of residence time gets narrower with inclination angle. The mean residence time also decreased from 37 s to 14 s as the rotation speed increased from 3 rpm to 9 rpm. The distribution of residence time was also got narrower as the rotation speed increases. A linear relation between drum rotation speed and mean residence time was also observed.
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