Integration of Dry and Steam Reforming for Syngas Production
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Faculty of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
The purpose of this study is to investigate possible reduction in fuel consumption in the coupled steam and dry reforming process, in comparison with SMR alone at the Lordegan Petrochemical Complex. The simulation and evaluation are carried out using Aspen Hysys V9. Considering the process conditions, the Peng-Robinson equation is selected in this simulation. In this study, we propose a novel process design by a parallel-series system with SMR and DRM. By recycling CO2 from furnace flue gas to the process and reform it to syngas, the release of it to the atmosphere is also reduced by 99%. Specifically proposed scenario compared to the reference process represents a fourfold increase in the CO2 conversion rate and heat recovery process reduces the natural gas consumption by 34%. The accuracy of this work is calculated by Average Absolute Relative Deviation methode and the results are shown 6.3% deviation. So, this coupled SMR-DRM process is more environmental friendly than Steam Reforming.
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