Reliable estimation of Naphtha Feed Composition From ASTM Distillation Data For Simulation Of Continuous Catalytic reforming process
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2chemical engineering department, engineering faculty , fersowsi university , iran , mashhad
Detailed compositional analysis of various constituents of crude oils is not usually feasible and ASTM D86 distillation data is often available. In modelling and simulation of the any refinery process, the detailed compositional analysis is required. In this research, Gaussian Quadrature (GQ) method is used as a powerful tool to achieve this goal. In the first section, GQ method is applied to extract the composition of a synthetic stream from ASTM distillation data, provided by Aspen-HYSYS software. The GQ method results has a good agreement with true compositions and for most of the constituents, the prediction error was less than 10%. Furthermore, the GQ technique is applied to extract the compositional analysis of real naphtha feed from corresponding ASTM-D86 data. The true boiling point (TBP) distillation curve was successfully computed by using 20 internal nodes. The GQ method was applied to TBP curve to predict the compositional analysis of the naphtha feed. Finally, the continuous catalytic reforming (CCR) reactor was modelled and simulated employing the above estimated compositions. The ultimate simulation results were successfully validated since the predicted high octane number product is very near to the actual plant data.
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