Adaptive model predictive control of an anaerobic digestion reactor
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Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
In this work, an adaptive model predictive controller has been applied for controlling an anaerobic digestion reactor. An ARMA model has been used to estimate the predicted values of the system output over the prediction horizon. As the process is highly nonlinear, model parameters are updated at each sample time to capture system nonlinearities. The controller has been designed based on the input-output model which does not require the system state measurements for control implementation. For the simulation purpose, the ADM1 model which includes the four main involved mechanisms in anaerobic digestion has been utilized. In simulation study the controller performance has been tested for setpoint tracking, load rejection and model mismatch. The results indicate that desired trajectory has been tracked well in the presence of different types of external loads and model uncertainties.
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