Detecting Gas Flares and Evaluation Flaring Volumes Using Sentinel 2 and MODIS Imagery (Abadan Oil Refinery Site, Iran)
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1Department of Environment and Energy, Science and Research Branch, IAU, Tehran, IRAN
2Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)
3Ph.D in Energy Science,Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University , Tehran , Iran
Oil exploration has always endangered its surrounding ecosystem. Gas flaring is one of the most destructive pollutant in the refineries. Environmental implications of the flare and lack of access to official its emission information leads the researchers to apply Satellite data. We have used Sentinel 2 data to detect flare sites in Abadan oil refinery. Sentinel 2B (MSIL1C) Multispectral imagery as a new technology in the remote sensing led us to operate 2 Shortwave infrared bands (11, 12) in extracting fire points, for the first time. After conveying DN values, The Mean, Variance and Data Range of the bands have clearly detected flaring sites that matched 92% with ground data, impressively.
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