Complete modeling of dehydration unit, adsorption and regeneration
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This paper presents the modeling and simulation of natural gas dehydration unit of Bidboland Gas Refinery. The cyclic thermal swing adsorption (TSA) technique is used in this unit and Silica gel is used as an adsorbent. The unit consists of a three-bed system with a 15-hours cycle; 5 hours of adsorption, 5 hours of heating and 5 hours of cooling. A non-isothermal one-dimensional model is used for simulation of process and the Langmuir- Freundlich model is selected for gas and solid equilibrium calculations. The simulation results are in a good agreement with the industrial data. In addition, to increase the capacity of the Bidboland dehydration unit some scenarios are investigated. The results show that the use of the four-bed system; two bad at adsorption, one bed at heating and one bed at cooling operation, can increase the capacity of the Bidboland dehydration unit up to the boundary of 9 MMSCMD.
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