Experimental and Numerical Study of Hydrodynamic Behavior in a Spouted Bed
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1استادگروه مهندسی شیمی، دانشکده فنی-مهندسی، دانشگاه اصفهان، اصفهان، ایران
2Chem. Eng. Dept., University of Isfahan
This article presents an experimental and computational fluid dynamic CFD research on a typical spouted bed (SB). At first, the hydrodynamic characteristics (circulation of solids in spouted bed) and empirical minimum spouting velocity (Ums) and maximum spoutable height (Hm) is presented. Then the CFD simulation of the SB to predict the appropriate drag model is analyzed. A comparison of the results with the experimental data suggests that the Huilin–Gidaspow drag model is most suitable for the prediction of gas and solid flow pattern. For different particle diameters and temperatures, the Ums and Hm are obtained with good agreement with experimental data in this drag model. Based on Mathur–Gishler and Littman's correlations, the average deviation between the experimental and calculated Ums and Hm is 37% and 11.7%, respectively.
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