Hydrophobicity of Sandstone Rock Surface by Nanofluids
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1Institute of Petroleum Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2Department of Petroleum Engineering, School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
3عضو هایت علمی بخش مهندسی نفت دانشگاه شیراز
Water flooding is an effective method to increase oil recovery which its performance highly dependes rock on wettability. In this study, effect of a new nanofluid on wettability alteration of sandstone reservoir is investigated. Oil wet thin sections were aged in different nanofluid concentrations at 25 ℃ and 80 ℃. Effect of nanofluid on wettability alteration was studied by measuring contact angle and surface energy. Results show wettability altered from strongly liquid-wet to strongly gas-wet after adsorption of nanofluid on rock. The optimum concentration is 0.05 wt. % that changes contact angle from 78.41 to 125.85 at 25 ℃ and from 78.41 to 129.34 at 80 ℃ and decreases surface free energy from 1 to 0.34 (mN/m) at 25℃ and from 1 to 0.304 (mN/m) at 80℃ due to adsorption of nanoparticles on rock surface.
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