Experimental study of CO2 absorption using activated MDEA
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1School of Chemistry, Collage of Science, University of Tehran,Po Box 14155-6455,Tehran, Iran
2School of ChemicalEngineering, Collage of Engineering, University of Tehran, 11155/4563 Tehran, Iran
In the present study, the CO2 absorption performance is investigated using hybrid solvents at 298-333K and up to 8 bar. The solvents contain MDEA (Methyldiethanolamine) solution activated by PZ (Piperazine) as a chemical solvent and ChCl (Choline Cloride) as an ionic liquid. The results showed that adding PZ activator intensifies the CO2 absorption. A decrease in operating tempreture leads to a positive effect on the CO2 loading. The results indicated that the addition of physical solvents has no positive effect on the CO2 absorption. The results of this study can help the engineering, practionners and scientists in designing novel activators to improve the quality of CO2 absorption.
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