CO2 Capture Enhancement in a Rotating Packed Bed Reactor with Different Blade Packing Structures
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Faculty of Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran
In this paper, the mass transfer enhancement in a typical rotating packed bed reactor (RPB) with blade packings for carbon dioxide absorption into monoethanolamine (MEA) was investigated. Also, the effect of packings structure on the mass transfer coefficient and gas absorption efficiency of carbon dioxide were investigated at different rotational speeds. For this purpose, a plexiglass reactor with a stainless steel blade packings was used, and in order to investigate the effect of packing structure, angular blade packing with 30 degree angle to radial axis, and non-angular blade packing (zero degree relative to radial axis) were compared with each other. The concentration of monoethanolamine and carbon dioxide were considered 1 mol / L and 2 vol%, respectively. The overall volumetric gas-side mass transfer coefficient and absorption efficiency at different rotational speeds in both RPBs with angular blade packings and non-angular blade packings were investigated. The effect of rotational speed on the gas-side mass transfer coefficient and carbon dioxide absorption efficiency was also evident in both packings. The obtained results of the experiments showed that the angular blade packings had a significant effect on increasing the gas-side mass transfer coefficient and improving the carbon dioxide absorption efficiency in the RPB reactor in comparison with the non-angular blade packings.
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