Synthesis of nano-porous hydroxyapatite from eggshell by combustion method and application for disperse red dye removal from wastewaters
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1Sahand university of thechnology
2Sahand university of technology,Tabriz,Iran
3Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Urmia University of Technology
Industrialization of countries causes the adverse effect on human life due to the eflluent of pollutant, especially synthetic dyes into water resources. This investigation presents the synthesis of hydroxyapatite, the most Important member of calcium phosphate group,by self-combustion method using a solid waste, eggshell as a rich source of calcium, and produce an efficient nano-porous adsorbent to remove the disperse red dye from wastewater. The effect of processing factor such as fuel ratio, calcination temprature and material dosage on dye adsorption have been investigated. The obtained adsorbent have been evaluated by convential analyzes and final adsorption capacity was determined to be 1150 mg/g approximately.
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