Experimental & Simulation Investigation of gas-solid Tapered Fluidized Beds
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1Sharif University of Technology, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Faculty
2Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Solids mixing plays an important role in the design and operation of fluidized beds. Including raw material mixing, heat and mass transfer and chemical reaction rates in different parts of bed over time. The mixing mechanism and dynamics affect product uniformity, especially in the granular materials industry. Therefore detailed information of mixing is essential for process optimization and equipment upgrading. Present study, investigated solids mixing in semi two-dimensional fluid bed by Eulerian-Lagrangian approach using MFiX software and quantified by mixing index. The results showed that with increasing mass fraction of larger particles, Umf increases. The mixing index increases with the inlet gas velocity but we have an equilibrium state in each velocity.
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