Retrofitting Isomerization Process Using Pinch Analysis
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Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kashan, Iran
Isomerization process is a quite excellent process for high-quality gasoline production. This paper aims at studying a new scenario for improvement of gasoline quality, reduction of CO2 emission, and production of pentane solvent. The RON of case study is 85-87 and the case has two furnaces that produce 2.85×107 kg CO2/year. In this scenario, instead of the IPSORB technic (Adsorption Section), separation using distillation columns is applied and CO2 emission is reduced with eliminating the two furnaces. The calculated RONs are 82.5 and 89.06 for the base-case study and new scenario showing 8% increase RON and the capacity of gasoline production increases by 16.6%. The other advantage of the suggested scenario is the production of pentane solvent commonly used for different industrial applications.
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