Sono-Hydrothermal Fabrication of Ag-Decorated Plasmonic Shaped AgVO3 for Photocatalytic Degradation of Tetracycline
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Chemical Engineering Faculty, Reactor and Catalysis Research Center (RCRC), Sahand University of Technology P.O.Box 51335-1996, Sahand New Town, Tabriz, Iran
Herein, Ag-decorated plasmonic shaped AgVO3 nanophotocatalyst was synthesized via sono-hydrothermal method. Characterization of the photocatalyst was carried out by XRD and FESEM techniques. The XRD analysis confirmed the formation of the desired crystalline phase, and the FESEM analysis also showed nanorod morphology for this sample. The fabricated nanophotocatalyst was used in the degradation of the antibiotic tetracycline under simulated solar light. The 70.4% efficiency (adsorption + degradation) was achieved over the mentioned photocatalyst in the 105 min photodegradation process of the antibiotic tetracycline. This result is mainly devoted to the efficient absorption of the sunlight, decrease of electron and hole recombination resulting from the well crystallization, the presence of the ultrasound energy and the increase of the dispersion, which increased the number of available active sites, and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) property of Ag particles on the surface of nanorods.
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