Modification of activated carbon adsorbent by potassium hydroxide solution to Enhance CO2 adsorption capacity
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1School of Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Engineering Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
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Activated carbon is one of the low-cost adsorbents for gas adsorption. In this study, activated carbon adsorbent was modified with a potassium hydroxide solution to enhance carbon dioxide adsorption capacity. The adsorption results showed that adsorbent modification is increased the carbon dioxide absorption by 40%. In the adsorption experiments, the effects of various operating parameters such as hydroxide solution concentration, temperature and pressure on the adsorption process were investigated. The optimal amount of potassium hydroxide solution in the modification of activated carbon adsorbent is considered. The results of adsorption experiments indicated that by decreasing the temperature and increasing the pressure, carbon dioxide adsorption capacity increased
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