Synthesis and in vitro Bioactivity evaluation of Novel 53S-5TNT Bioactive Glass Composite
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1Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran, Behshahr, Iran
2Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol, Iran
Nano bioactive glasses are known as a suitable alternative to repair the damaged body tissues. These materials have the ability to repair damaged bone tissues. As nano bioactive glasses are exposed to the biological environment in the body or in vitro biological environment, a layer of hydroxyapatite forms at the surface of these glasses. Hydroxyapatite which is one of the main components of the bone leads to the formation of a bond between the biomaterial and the natural bone. In this research, a new bioglass has been synthesized by the addittion of titanium dioxide nanotubes using the sol-gel method and then characterized in terms of crystal structure and functional groups present in the sample. The results of the in vitro bioactivity test ‌showed that prepared bioactive glass containing titanium dioxide was bioactive.
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