Assessment of Three Phase Relative Permeability Models for Near-Miscible Gas/Oil Systems: Saturation Path and Injectivity
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1Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
2Department of Chemical and Petroleum Eng., Sharif University of Technology
Three phase relative permeability measurement is a time consuming experiment. While Eclipse software requires three phase relative permeability values to perform simulations, it just covers few models like Stone-I, II and Baker. There are several new models that need to be evaluated for unique cases like near-miscible condition (extra low gas-oil IFT), which is the objective of this study. An in-house MATLAB code was utilized to calculate three phase relative permeability using vast empirical models and coupled with Eclipse software, to run simulation and represent three phase relative permeabilities and saturation paths both as ternary diagrams. Different tertiary injection scenarios and wettability conditions are considered and predictions of all empirical models were assessed compared to the experimental data. For mixed-wet core in gas-water (tertiary water injection) and water-gas injection scenarios (tertiary gas injection) Corey and Land have the best predictions among different methods. In water-gas injection scenario for water-wet core, Land and Aziz equations provide the best predictions.
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