Application of Different Magnetic Nanoparticles in Water Treatment: Methyl Orange Adsorption Evaluation
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1Chemical Engineering Department, Esfarayen University of Technology, Esfarayen, North Khorasan, Iran.
2Central Research Laboratory, Esfarayen University of Technology, Esfarayen, North Khorasan, Iran
3Department of Chemistry, Shahr-e-Qods Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
In this paper, two magnetic Fe3O4 and MgFe2O4 samples were successfully synthesized by coprecipitation and combustion methods respectively to be used for adsorption of methyl orange dye from aqueous solution. The characteristics of the synthesized samples were evaluated using various analyses. The results of XRD assessment confirmed the successful synthesis of both samples with appropriate structure. The surface morphology of the samples proved the results of other analyses about the formation of the particles in nanosize. However, use of these samples in the methyl orange adsorption process showed that although Fe3O4 presented better physicochemical properties compared to MgFe2O4, the maximum adsorption capacity on the surface of these adsorbent was 20 mg/g and 56.54 mg/g, respectivly. Then, the isotherms of process were studied to obtain an adequate understanding of the adsorption process. By thorough study of these magnetic adsorbents, MgFe2O4 sample can be suggested for removal of dyes and water pollutants.
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