Subjects = HSC-Air Pollution and Air Quality
Number of Proceedings: 13

1 Investigation of the effect of different polymers and feed pressure on the required membrane area for air dehumidification in HVAC systems
Farideh Abdollahi; Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard*; Arash Khosravi
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2 Optimal Design of Flare Height Considering Safe Pollution Levels in Neighboring Areas
Farnaz Toopchelari; Ali Mohammad Sahlodin*
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3 Oxidative desulfurization process for a model feed in the presence of Mo based nanocatalysts and Ni/Co promoters using H2O2 as a green oxidant
Mohammad Kazemeini*; Saeed hasannia; alimorad rashidi; zeinab hajjar
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4 Effect of light intensity on CO2 capture by Chlorella vulgaris
Malihe Barahoei; Mohammad Sadegh Hatamipour*; saeid afsharzade
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5 Experimental study of CO2 absorption using activated MDEA
Majid Saidi*; Nazanin Sohrabi Mobarak Abadi; Rahmat Sotoudeh Gharebagh
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6 Effect of tip diameter on soot formation in an industrial flare
Seyed Sepehr Mostafayi; Fariborz Rashidi*
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7 Detecting Gas Flares and Evaluation Flaring Volumes Using Sentinel 2 and MODIS Imagery (Abadan Oil Refinery Site, Iran)
Tous Rezaee; Mohammad Reza Jafari Nasr; Ashkan Abdalisousan*
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8 Enhanced adsorptive desulfurization performance over hierarchically structured HZSM-5 zeolite
Omid Amanzadeh; javad ahmadpour*; Seyed Reza Shabanian; maryam nikzad
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9 Effect of [BMIM][BF4] ionic liquid on performance of poly (ether-block-amide) membrane for gas separation applications
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10 Comparing Solvents for SO2 Absorption by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
saber moghadam; Mahdi Pourafshari Chenar; fatemeh moosavi*; Mohammad Razmkhah; Mohammadhasan Firoozbakht
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11 Enhancement of CO2 Absorption Rate by Adding Benzene-Based Hypercrosslinked Polymers to Amine Solvents as a New Strategy
Bita Karami; ahad ghaemi*; Hamid Ramezanipour Penchah
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12 Numerical modeling and experimental study of VOC adsorption by Pistachio shell based activated carbon
maryam mirzaie*; Alireza Talebizadeh; Hassan Hashemipour
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13 Investigation of formation and effects of photochemical smog processes in air pollution and presentation of solutions
Davood Kahforoushan*; zahra - shadi; Elham Rasouli
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