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151 Evaluation of CO2 and CH4 Adsorption on Large-Pore Zeotype Titanosilicate
Mahsa Vosoughi; Hafez Maghsoudi*
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152 Experimental Study of Heat Transfer of Pool Boiling on Grooved Surfaces
Farhad Shahraki*; Samaneh Hamzeh Khani
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153 Parametric Study in Catalytic Production of Ethylene Oxide through Ag-Cs/Al2O3 Catalyst
Shiva Darake; Reza Golhosseini*; Alireza Mohammadrezaei; Morteza Asghari
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154 Investigation of Crude Oil Conversion Rate in the In-situ Catalytic Upgrading Process
Hadi Seyyedbagheri; Sepideh Shamshiri; Behrooz Mirzaee*
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155 Optimal Design of Flare Height Considering Safe Pollution Levels in Neighboring Areas
Farnaz Toopchelari; Ali Mohammad Sahlodin*
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156 Multi-Objective Optimization of Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Process, Using Response Surface Methodology
Mahdiye Naghzali; Abdolreza Samimi*; Jafar Sadeghi; Esmaeil Koohestanian
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157 The effect of non-thermal plasma on Graphene Oxide adsorption of Cadmium
Niloufar Azizi; Mahmoud Habibian*
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158 Input/Output Feedback Linearization Control of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration and a State Observer for a Batch Bioreactor
Ramin Bozorgmehry Boozarjomehry*; Mostafa Hashemi
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159 Preparation and characterization of PVC/GO membranes
rogayeh rashidi; fariba ghasemzadeh; yoones Jafarzadeh*; Fatemeh Kazemi
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160 Experimental Study of Electrocoagulation for the Treatment of Car Wash Wastewater Effluents
Amin Fadaei; A.R. Pendashteh*; Behrooz Abbasi Souraki
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161 Selenium Enriched Exopolysaccharide from Fomes fomentarius: Production, Characterization and Biological Activity Study
hale Alvandi; Ashrafalsadat Hatamian-Zarmi; Bahman Ebrahimi Hosseinzadeh; Zahra-Beagom Mokhtari-Hosseini*
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162 Experimental & Simulation Investigation of gas-solid Tapered Fluidized Beds
kiana sarafan; Asghar Molaei Dehkordi*
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163 Adsorption of ascorbic acid from aqueous solution by natural absorbent
Azam Aslani; Hossein Ghanadzadeh Gilani*
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164 Encapsulation of a coconut oil-based alkyd resin into styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) shell via coaxial electrospray method for self-healing purposes
roya malekkhouyan; Saied Nouri Khorasani*; rasoul esmaeely neisiany
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165 Experimental study of antioxidant compounds extraction in red cabbage by PEF method
Motahareh Esmaeili sokhtekohi; Mohammad Ali Salehi*
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166 New Approach for Design and Optimization of Refrigeration Systems
Roohangiz Shivaee; Nassim Tahouni*; Mohammadhassan Panjehshahi; Mojgan Abbasi
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167 Experiments and Thermodynamic Modeling of the Solubility of NaCl and CaCl2 in Teriethylene Glycol
Farshid Pirali; mojgan Abbasi*; Mohammadhassan Panjehshahi; Nassim Tahouni
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168 Polysulfone nanocomposite membrane embedded by Graphene Oxide for removal of humic acid from water
Niloofar Ranjbaran; Reza Yegani*; Ali Akbari; Masoumeh Chapalagi
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169 Optimization of cellulose extraction from sugarcane bagasse and synthesis of cellulose nanostructures
fatemeh mirzaie bektashi; Hamid soleimanzadeh
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170 Experimental Investigation of Alumina-Water Nanofluid in Solar Evacuated Tube Collector
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171 Design and fabrication of a microreactor applicable in catalytic experiments
Mohammad Kazemeini*; Vahid Hosseinpour
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172 Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of the Mazut Hydro Cracking Unit of Iranian Power Plants to Remove Sulfur Compounds and Naphtha Production
Afsanehsadat Larimi*; Mostafa Jafari; Amirhossein Khalili-Garakani
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173 Solar-driven Photocatalytic Activity of ZnO/Carbon/g-C3N4 Nanofibers
Amene Naseri; Morasae Samadi; Ali Pourjavadi; Seeram Ramakrishna; ali reza moshfegh*
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174 Investigating the Steam Absorption by Diluted LiBr Aqueous Solution
Katayoon Noorizadeh; Mohammad Sadegh Tavallali*
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175 Prediction the PEM Fuel Cell Performance Based on Cathod Properties using Neural Network Modeling
Nafiseh Farhadian; Nahid Gholami; elham yasari*
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