Keywords = Wastewater
Number of Proceedings: 8

1 Evaluation of COD removal from dairy farm wastewater using a sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
Taha Doostdari; Alireza Pendashteh*; Behrooz Abbasi Souraki; Seyyedeh Cobra Azimi
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2 Modeling the removal of heavy metals from industrial waste water using fuzzy logic
Shahab Khaldei Sarashti; Elham Ameri*; Afsaneh Babadi
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3 Cephalexin degradation by a binary visible-light driven photocatalyst
Najmeh Askari; Masoud Beheshti*; Dariush Mowla; Mehrdad Farhadian
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4 synthesis of xanthan gum-alginate/montmorillonite composite for the removal of malachite green (MG) from aqueous solution
Mehdi Rahmani; ahmad dadvand koohi*
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5 Investigation of sludge production in an electrocoagulation process under different conditions
Maryam Husseini*; Pourya Rafiee; Sirous Ebrahimi; Alireza Johari
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6 Removal of Methyl Orange from aqueous solution by Saffron leaves as a low-cost adsorbent
Poria Kourani; Yegane Sadeghi; Hossien Rohoalahi*
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7 Synthesis of magnetic activated carbon/Fe2O3 nanocomposite for the removal of acid methyl orange from water
Pourya Kourani; Zeynab Samadi; Hossein Rohollahi*
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8 Degradation of Methyl Orange in aqueous solution by UV/H2O2 advanced oxidation process
Pourya Kourani; Zeyna Samadi; Hossein Roohollahi*
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