Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Crude Oil Desalting By Using Nanoparticles Based On Materials Studio
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1department of Chemical Engineering, Islamic Azad University , South Tehran Branch , Tehran , Iran.
2Chemical Engineering Department, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, TEHRAN,IRAN

In the process of crude oil desalination, the aim is to separate dispersed phase of brine from oil phase.
Crude oil often contains fine saline water droplets, salt crystals, suspended solids and traces of metals. Large amounts of dissolved salt can affect the crude refining process quite significantly. In order to avoid salt-related problems, salt must be removed from the crude oil.Different methods are used for desalination but one of the most effective one is using nanoadsorbent that a simple, inexpensive method with good ability to remove salt from crude oil .In this study the effect of three parameters like temperature,nanoadsorbant content and kind of nanoadsorbant(HYPABCB,SWNT,SIO2) were investigated.The results show that increasing temperature and nanoadsorbant contents can improve the desalination process.Moreover it is shown that the Zeolite- Nano type adsorbants are better than two other types.
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