Investigation on adsorption of As(v) in aqueous solutions by modified natural zeolite
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1Fouman Faculty of Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, P. O. Box 43515-1155, Fouman, Iran
2Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, AEOI, P. O. BOX 14893-836, Tehran, Iran
In this study, the sorption of As(v) by natural modified zeolites (clinoptilolite) was investigated through the batch process in aqueous solutions. For this purpose the effect of various factors including PH, temperature, initial concentration of pollutants (Arsenic) and adsorbent dosage affecting adsorption mechanism of zeolite in a time frame of 48 hours were accurately measured.
On the basis of Batch experiments, the adsorption capacity of natural zeolite was found to be 1.5 μg/g and the amount of adsorption of modified zeolite by LaCl3.7H2O enhanced to 2770.4 μg/g.
Furthermore, the adsorption of arsenic by means of natural modified zeolite depicted that the maximum amount of adsorption tool place in the range of 4 < PH < 8 .
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