Absorption of carbon dioxide into aqueous blends of glycerol and monoethanolamine in a microchannel reactor
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Chemical Engineering Department, Kermanshah University of Technology, Kermanshah, Iran
This paper provides the experimental results of mass transfer performance of the aqueous mixture of MEA+Glycerol, as an industrially eco-friendly hybrid solvent, instead of a typical commercial alkanolamine solvent for CO2 capture in a microchannel. The CO2 absorption was performed at constant temperature of 40 °C and atmospheric pressure. The importance of the operational variables, including the input solvent flow rate (4-11 ml/min), MEA (10-30 %wt), and glycerol concentration (6-12 %wt) in the solvent were assessed on the mass transfer performance in terms of CO2 removal efficiency (ef) and volumetric overall gas-phase mass transfer coefficient (KGaV). The values of KGaV are ranging from 70.68 to 96.95 kmol/m3.h.kPa. It is confirmed that comparing aqueous solution of 20 %wt MEA, adding dilute concentrations of glycerol to 20 %wt MEA, can give rise to the enhancement of KGaV and ef in the hybrid mixture of MEA-Gly.
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