Managed Pressure Drilling Modeling & Simulation (a case study)
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1Department of Petroleum Engineering, Amir Kabir University Of Technology, Tehran, Iran
2Department of Petroleum Engineering, Amir Kabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
Drilling with conventional methods in narrow operational mud windows is difficult or even impracticable. The conventional drilling in such mud windows may lead to lots of drilling problems including drill string sticking, kick and lost circulation. In addition, the problems increase the non-productive time (NPT) and costs the oil industry a considerable amount of money.In order to overcome the narrow operational window limits and challenges, managed pressure drilling (MPD) technologies are developed, which are the extension of conventional drilling method.Unlike conventional drilling method, MPD methods use equipment and techniques to control well annular pressure precisely and be able to drill through narrow window safely. There are several MPD variations and methods. In this research, some of famous MPD methods are introduced and a MPD field case simulation is done using OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator. Simulated field case is a well drilling into 3 layers with different pore & fracture gradients, so operational mud window is very tight which forces the one to drill with a constant bottomhole pressure. Controlling bottomhole pressure at a constant value was implemented using surface choke back pressure with the help of a PID controller.
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