Study on the possibility of phenolic compounds extraction from “Baneh” leaves
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1Assistant professor, Food Science and Technology Department , Birjand Branch , Islamic Azad University
2PhD Student , , Food Science and Technology Department , Sabzevar Branch , Islamic Azad University
Baneh” or wild pistachio is a tree that has long been used in traditional medicine. In this study, nine solvents (pure methanol, methanol20% , methanol 50% , methanol 80%, pure acetone, acetone 30% , acetone 50%, distilled water, acidic water) were used to determine the best solvent for extraction of phenolic compounds. The amount of phenolic compounds in the extract was evaluated by colorimetric method. Comparison of extraction mean of different solvents showed significant differences in extraction of phenolic compounds. Also, multiple comparisons test showed that the amount of phenolic compounds extracted with 80% methanol was significantly higher than other solvents (P <0.05).
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