Review of effective parameters on bioabsorption of heavy metals
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1Semnan University
2Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute
Today due to urbanization and industrialization of the world a lot of wastewater is produced. If this wastewater which includes wastewater from various industries, municipal wastewater, is not treated it will pollute groundwater, surface water and soil, which is a great danger to the environment. There are common methods for removing heavy metals from wastewater but the disadvantages of these methods include high energy, demand high cost of reagents, long time, high sensitivity to operating conditions, sludge production and low efficiency in high metal concentrations. Therefore, bioabsorption is preferred for the removal of heavy metals due to the availability of bioabsorbents, cheap absorbents and high efficiency. In this article, the effective parameters on bioabsorption and its common isotherms are introduced.
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