Study of cross-linking of polymer matrix as a result of neutron bombardment of Au/PAMAMG4 composite
Volume Title: 1
12Nuclear Science & Technology Research Institute, Materials and Nuclear Fuel Research School, 14395-836, Tehran, Iran
2Department of chemistry, Faculty of Science, Zanjan University, 45371-38791, Zanjan, Iran
In this research, Au/PAMAM composite was prepared and evaluated for inducing of radioactivity and polymer crosslinking after neutron bombardment. The PAMAMG4 polymer was treated with the gold anions and then, the mixture was chemically reduced by NaBH4. Prepared 197Au/PAMAMG4 was bombarded by thermal neutrons in the Tehran Research Reactor to 198Au/PAMAMG4 be produced. Prepared nanocomposites were characterized by means of FT-IR, 1H NMR, Zeta-potential measurements, TEM and EDX analyses. The radionuclidic purity of the 198Au/PAMAMG4 solution was determined using purity germanium (HPGe) spectroscopy. and its stability in the presence of human serum was studied. This study provides the first proof of principle that 197Au/PAMAMG4 could be succesfully bombarded with a thermal neutron of 1× 1011 neutrons/cm2/sec for 2h for producing radioactive 198Au/PAMAMG4 throught (n, γ) reaction. Structural characterization of 198Au/PAMAMG4 exhibited presence of some crosslinking in PAMAM structure and agglomeration of Au/PAMAMG4 composite particles. Howevere, the stability of 198Au/PAMAMG4 in the presence of human serum was studied and revealed that it is suitable for for radionuclide therapy applications.