Investigation of formation and effects of photochemical smog processes in air pollution and presentation of solutions
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2Department of Chemistry, (Environmental),Faculty of Chemical Engineering Sahand University of Technology , Sahand New Town,Tabriz, IRAN
Air pollution is one of the most important health and environmental problems in developing cities today. so in many advanced industrialized countries, in order to maintain the health of human and Preventing Environmental Destruction.Air pollution is an international issue that threatens everywhere.So air pollution can be the most dangerous new pollution. However, the Air pollutants enter the Earth, which not only exposes the health of our citizens to danger, but also one of the most common factors in global warming. Photochemical smog also has one of the most destructive effects of air pollution on the atmosphere. This is a situational phenomenon.It is the rapid spread of pollutants that is exposed to sunlight and causes it to develop Compounds of thousands of chemicals become dangerous, the effects of which have major effects on the environment They live.
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