Increase CdS Performance in Pure Water Splitting by BiFeO3 Coupling
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1Catalyst Research Center, Chem. Eng. Dept., Razi University, Kermanshah 6714967246, Iran
2science Committee
The main source of energy are fossil fuels. But fossil fuels, in addition to being limited, cause environmental pollution. Photocatalytic conversion of light to hydrogen in the water decomposition process as a clean and pollution-free energy source can be a solution to these problems. Cadmium sulfide is one of the visible light-sensitive photocatalysts that can be used in this field. But this photocatalyst has disadvantages such as recombination of charge carrier and photo corrosion that reduce its performance. Therefore, in this study, the photocatalytic properties of cadmium sulfide have been improved for use in the water splitting process by coupling with BiFeO3, which is one of the perovskites with ferroelectric properties and sensitive to visible light. For this purpose, after synthesis of CdS, BiFeO3 and 50% wt. CdS/BiFeO3 photocatalysts, their optical and structural properties have been investigated by XRD, uv-visible and PL analyzes. The results show that the hydrogen production by 50% wt. CdS/BiFeO3 is much more than pure CdS and BiFeO3. Studies have also shown that adding BiFeO3 to CdS increases the photocatalyst stability against photo corrosion.
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