Comparison between Countercurrent and Cocurrent streams in TBR for Hydrotreating of Gas Oil
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1Amirkabir University
2chemical Engineerin Faculty,Amirkabir Univercity of Technology
Catalytic hydrotreating (HDT) is a mature process technology practiced in the petroleum refining industries to treat oil fractions for the removal of impurities (such as sulfur, nitrogen, metals, asphaltene). This study developed a gas oil trickle-bed hydrotreating reactor with counter-current and co-current streams using a heterogeneous model. The differential equations were solved numerically and concentration of sulfur compounds was obtained versus reactor length. Finally, concentration of sulfur, aromatic, nitrogen compounds along the reactor length was compared for counter-current and co-current configurations. Our simulations show that counter-current operation can significantly reduce the amount of sulfur and aromatic compunds more than the co-current stream.
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