Experimental study of effect of salinity variation on dynamic interfacial properties in pure calcite/crude oil/brine system
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1Sharif University of Technology
2Chemical and Petroleum Eng. Department Sharif University of Technology
Low salinity water flooding (LSWF) is not well understood in carbonate reservoir. The dynamic state of fluid-fluid and rock-fluid interactions is shown to play an important role on the performance of LSWF. To capture these interactions, dynamic interfacial tension (DIFT) and dynamic contact angle (DCA) are conducted in a wide range of salinity. The results show that as the brine salinity increases the DIFT reduces. DCA measurement is performed in a pure calcite crystal/ brine/crude oil system. It is shown, increasing brine salinity leads to increasing contact angle toward intermediate wetness.
In addition, to investigate the effect of dynamic IFT and contact angle change on the displacement efficiency in porous media, coreflood tests are also performed using synthetic calcite cores. The results of secondary water flooding tests showed that increasing the salinity of injected water from 10-time-diluted sea water to sea water leads to additional oil recovery of 3 % of original oil in place, which were in line with IFT and contact angle results for the brines.
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