Modification of Connors-Wright equation for Estimating Surface Tension of Ionic Liquid Mixtures
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Department of Chemical Engineering, Hamedan University of Technology, Hamedan, Iran
According to the considerable amount of increasing usage of Ionic liquids as suitable non-volatile solvents in industry and due to unavailable experimental data of diverse and numerous Ionic liquids, prediction of thermophysical properties these binary mixtures became a necessary topic, hence modeling of characteristics of Ionic liquids has been considered by many investigators. This paper’s target is on the modeling of surface tension. Surface tension is known as an applicable property in chemical fields and processes which it’s accurate estimation is more difficult than any other physical characteristics. In this work, the Connors-Wright equation is modified with applying activity instead of mole fraction in the model. For calculation, the activity coefficient of the components the NRTL and Wilson models are used. 10 non-aqueous ionic liquid systemsare syudied and the results show that the Connors-wright equation with NRTL activity coefficient model demonstrates the best results among the mentioned three equations with the average percent error of 0.426291 %.
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