Effects of Various Biomass Materials on LHV and Composition of Produced Syngas in a Downdraft Gasifier
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1Research and Development (R&D)Department, Dyna Energy Tech System Co., Fars Sience &Technology Park, Shiraz, Iran
2Research and Development (R&D)Department, Dyna Energy Tech System Co, Fars Sience &Technology Park, Shiraz, Iran
3Asistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department,Islamic Azad University,Shiraz Branch, Shiraz, Iran
Lately, biomass has received a tremendous amount of interest since biomass residues can be converted into valuable products via either biological or thermochemical processes. In this paper, sawdust pelletized and cattle manure were used to represent their effects on LHV and composition of produced syngas in a downdraft gasifier. At 750 oC and equivalence ratio of 0.25, comparable yields of methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen were observed in the two feedstocks. The highest difference noticed was the concentration of methane; methane percent in syngas from sawdust is about 5 percent higher than that of cattle manure and is 6.9 %. Maximum LHV of syngas were 7.3 and 6.4 MJ/Nm3 for sawdust and cattle manure, respectively. LHV of cattle manure-derived syngas was higher than that one from previuos studies.
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