Enhancement of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using Graphitic Carbon Nitride: Evaluation of Structure and Properties
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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Center of Iran (CCERCI), Department of Petroleum Engineering, Tehran, Iran
Due to political concerns, Ends of fossil fuels and environmental problems such as global warming, we need new sources of renewable energy, such as hydrogen to achieve. One way to produce hydrogen energy is water splitting with sunlight that nowadays attracted extensive attention and many researchers in the world have considered it. The challenge of this method is the synthesis photocatalyst for water splitting. Recently, photocatalytic H2 generation could be photocatalyzed by visible light over Graphitic Carbon Nitride or Graphite like C3N4 (g-C3N4) catalysts. However, the main challenge persists, which is lower efficiency and selectivity towards photocatalytic hydrogen production through water splitting under solar energy. Due to the low efficiency and selectivity of solar energy, a major challenge persists to improve the performance of photocatalytic hydrogen production. In this way, we have tried to explain the g-C3N4 synthesize method and highlight opportunities for this method for the promotion of photocatalytic hydrogen production.
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