Localized Modeling of Liquid Flow in Coupled Porous Media and Free Flow Regime
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1Chem. & Pet. Eng. Department, Sharif University Of Technology
2Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department,Sharif University of Technology
3Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department, Sharif University Of Technology
Fluid flow through porous media is a common phenomenon in different branches of science and engineering. Usually flow through porous media would be combined with free flow regime. So, modeling coupled Darcy and free flow regime always had great importance especially in chemical engineering. In this research, a novel local model is developed to model coupled flow regime instead of rigorous formulation. In this approach, a Simplified model is used which significantly accelerates flow modeling procedure besides its accuracy. The models parameters will be tuned through optimization process. Comparing the results of the obtained model with those of reference solution shows high prediction capability of the proposed method.
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