Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Components of Drinking Water and Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality in Rural Areas of Ilam.
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Ilam Province Rural Water and Wastewater Company
In many developing countries, water sources are not well protected. However, many people depend on these water sources for their daily consumption. Therefore, this study investigated the physical and chemical composition of drinking water and evaluated the quality of drinking water in rural areas of Ilam. The mean water surface temperature of the wells is 19.6 ° C and the average pH of the sample is 7.6.
The case study method is a case-control type. The number of 12 water samples (12 wells) is in the most significant areas to be used for potable water purification. Modeled Thermometer Thermometer - Approx. 5000 DR. Finally obtained in SPSS software.
Physical and chemical parameters were analyzed according to the procedures outlined in APHA (Standard Methods for Water and Wastewater Investigation, 21st edn. Washington DC, 2008). The results showed that total hardness values of 327.6 mg / L, 16.65 mg / L chloride, 63.25 mg / L sulfate, 14.51 mg / L nitrate, and 76.62 mg / L Ca were detected. Statistically significant difference (p <0.05) was observed among all parameters from different sites. Most of the physical and chemical values were within the WHO and Iran's drinking water quality standards. Components beyond the quality standards may cause health problems in local communities. Therefore, careful monitoring and purification of water is required to ensure the quality of resources before human consumption.
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