Effective process parameters on electrocoagulation treatment of offshore gas field produced water
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1chemical engineering department of kashan university
2chemical engineering department of amirkabir university of technology
3chemical engineering department of kashan univercity-kashan-iran
4south pars gas complex company-assaluye-iran
the most Effective process parameters were recognized among initial pH, electrolysis time, TDS, electrodes arrangement, imposed current density, temperature, agitation, anode & cathode material, air flow to the reactor and electrode distances for electrocoagulation (EC) treatment of gas field produced water (PW). The screening was carried out by a two-level Plackett-Burman design methodology for chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal. Current density, initial pH and electrode distances are the most three effective parameters on COD removal. Results were presented and discussed here comprehensively. Considering offshore platform operational limitations, the optimized EC unit process cost for COD removal, was estimated at U$0.4/m3.This process can be proposed as a pretreatment stage for PW treatment considering its energy efficiency
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