Modeling of ammonia three bed synthesis reactor
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1Department of Chemical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), No. 424 Hafez Avenue, Tehran 15914, Iran
2424 Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran.Amirkabir University
In this study, the heterogeneous modeling of the ammonia synthesis reactor is presented. Nitrogen and hydrogen gases react to produce ammonia through an exothermic reaction at high temperature and pressure. The ammonia synthesis reactor has several types in which the three-bed type is modeled with acceptable error. The rate of conversion of the nitrogen and the output temperature of the reactor reached 22.6% and 716.77 K respectively. Finally, using sensitivity analysis, the effect of input parameters such as temperature and velocity on the output conversion was investigated. The conversion decreased with increasing velocity and since the ammonia production is equilibrium and exothermic reaction at a certain temperature, the conversion of nitrogen reached a maximum.
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