Treatment Of Textile Wastewater For Reuse by Membrane Sequencing Batch Reactor (MSBR)
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1Department of Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology Tehran, Iran
2Department of Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran,Iran
An experimental investigation was conducted to explore textile wastewater treatment toward producing reusable water for dyeing and finishing process in textile indusrty. Over the past two decades, Membrane Sequencing Batch Reactor (MSBR) technology has performed well in wastewater treatment, especially in textile industry. The membrane used in MSBR makes a significant contribution to increase in the efficiency and improvement of the performance of this process. In this article, nanofibrous membrane was produced by Electrospinning using polyethersulfone polymer under optimum condition and product was used in MSBR setup. The MSBR process resulted in 96% dye removal and 98% COD removal. Comparison of results showed that the treated water of this project is reusable in textile industry.
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