Assessment of Swelling Inhibition Effect of Loz Extract on the Na-bentonite in Aqueous Solution
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department of Petroleum Engineering, Ahwaz Faculty of Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology (PUT), Ahwaz, Iran
In this study, the effect of Loz extract, a neutral surfactant as a new and natural additive on Na-bentonite swelling in aqueous solution, was reported. The results shown that the inhibitory property of Loz extract is a function of its concentration. The Inhibition mechanism was accomplished through several experiments, including sodium bentonite inhibition test and sodium bentonite precipitation experiments. Loz extract has deflocculating properties at low concentrations, especially up to 0.5% mass. However, this property has good inhibition for swelling of Na-bentonite at levels higher than the concentration of deflocculating. The inhibition properties can be attributed to the hydrogen bonding between the hydroxyl group of Loz extract compounds and the oxygen atoms in the Na-bentonite silica groups. In contrast to deionized water, the Loz extract in aqueous solution exhibited a relatively low rheological profile with a higher amount of Na-bentonite loading (200 g/L). The pre-hydrated Na-bentonite dispersion had acceptable performance, that almost unstable after exposure to the loz extract but was also completely unstable at high concentrations which indicating an excellent inhibitory property of Loz extract.
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