Direct Oxidation of Propylene to Acrylic Acid over a modified MoVTeNbO Catalyst Prepared by Slurry Method
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1Chemistry and chemical engineering research center of Iran
2chemistry & chemical engineering research center of Iran (CCERCI)
3tarbiat modares university
Acrylic acid, as an essential monomer for polymerization and raw material for many chemicals, currently is manufactured in industry via two step oxidation of propylene. In the present work, a mixed metal oxide catalyst of Mo-V-Te-Nb-O for direct oxidation of propylene to acrylic acid in one step, was synthesized via a modified slurry method. The catalyst was characterized using XRD, SEM & EDS approaches. EDS analysis verified a good elemental ratio of the targeted Mo1V0.3Te0.23Nb0.12Ox catalyst. SEM images indicated small cylinder-shaped crystallites of the catalyst with a length of about 300–500 nm. A well crystallinity of M1 (orthorhombic) and M2 (pseudo-hexagonal) for the active phases was proved by XRD analysis. The conversion and selectivity of the catalyst for direct production of acrylic acid in a tubular fixed-bed reactor system was measured as 81.3 and 61% respectively. Moreover, 49.6% yield for acrylic acid production was obtained which was considerable in this process. The modified catalyst was included a better uniform distribution of active phases compared to the catalyst prepared by a previous method, reaching a high activity at a lower reaction temperature of 310 °C.
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