Manufacturing QCM sensors to be used in oil industry
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Sharif /university
Quartz Crystam Microbalance (QCM) as a very accurate and sensitive balance technique is being widely used in different industeries. The core part of this apparatus is made of very high sensitive gold coated sensor that could translate the mass loading on the sensor part to frequency changes.
Because of the availablity restriction and high price of this sensor, we have decided to manufacture it using a home made technique. This enabled us to modify the sensor to those which are more needed for different disciplines including the oil and gas industry. Our homemade QCM sensors deliver more chemical stability, robustness and furthermore, multiple electrode arrangements can be used for differential measurements for compensating the temperature effects. Coating of more electrodes with purpose of simultaneously sensing of multiple analyts is the another adavantages of this homemade sensors.
Recent studies have shown wide range of application of QCM in the research activties in oil and gas industry especially the most two important inorganic and organic, damages.
The home-made sensor was ultimately utilized to assess the possibility of any micro scale damage; asphaltene and incompatibility related damages, in the porous rock for the Low salinity water injection proposed for an oil reservoir in the South of Iran.
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