Reactor performance study of MIL-88 catalyst in alkylation of Benzene by Ethanol
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1Amirkabir University of Technology,Mahshahr campus,Mahshahr,Iran
2Amirkabir University of Technology
3Department of Chemical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology
Iron based metal organic framework as a novel catalyst under the name of MIL-88 was developed for ethylbenzene synthesis by alkylation of benzene with ethanol in low temperature gas phase condition and atmospheric pressure. The catalyst activity and product selectivity for ethylbenzene production have been investigated in a specially designed flow microreactor and effects of temperature and space velocity at constant benzene to ethanol ratio have been studied. The new synthesized catalyst showed higher performance in comparison to commonly used zeolites for producing ethylbenzene (72% benzene conversion and 76% ethylbenzene selectivity at 175 ºC). The main byproduct was recognized as toluene. Long reaction time for MIL-88 showed no decline in conversion and selectivity of desired product.
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