Enhancement of CO2 Absorption Rate by Adding Benzene-Based Hypercrosslinked Polymers to Amine Solvents as a New Strategy
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1Iran University of Science and Technology
2هیات علمی و رئیس دانشکده
3Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran
The objective of this study is to measure the effect of promoter addition as well as MDEA concentration for the CO2 absorption into the aqueous solutions. Tertiary amines are the most promising solvents for CO2 capture, but they suffer from slow reaction rates. To solve the problem, here we report Benzene-based hypercrosslinked polymer as promotor for CO2 absorption in N-methyldiethanolamine solution. The CO2 absorption rate increases up to 129% by adding hypercrosslinked polymers to amine solution. The ratio (benzene/crosslinker) was considered as an effective parameter on porosity and structure of hypercrosslinked polymer and consequently three hypercrosslinked polymers were synthesized which differed in the ratio. HCP-3 with moderate Benzene to crosslinker ratio 1:3 showed the best performance.
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