preparation of schizophyllan based nanogel via modified inverse mini-emulsion technique
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Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, P.O. Box 14115- 143, Tehran, Iran.
Nanogels are swollen nanosized networks consisting of polymer chains hydrophilic or amphiphilic.In present study Nanogels were developed from Schizophyllan by a modified inverse mini-emulsion technique. The synthesis process was conducted in the absence of both toxic cross-linker and organic solvent. Stable inverse mini-emulsions were prepared by sonication of noncontinuous aqueous phase (schizophyllan in water) in a continuous organic phase (span 80 and tween 80 dissolved in coconut oil). Cross-linking occurred in presence of oxidized sucrose during the formation of inverse mini-emulsoin. Nanogels obtained via inverse emulsion technique were characterized by DLS. The resuls showed that by increasing the concentration of surfactant a decrease in the size of nangels will occure.
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