Modeling and Optimization of Depropanizer Column in the Methanol to Polypropylene Process to Eliminate Dimethyl ether
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1Department of Polymer Eng. & Color Tech., Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran
2Chemical Engineering Group, Azad Islamic University, South Tehran Branch, Tehran
In methanol to propylene (MTP) process, there is small amount of dimethyl ether in output flow. Dimethyl ether should be removed in top of depropanizer column. A novel method is presented to remove dimethyl ether. This method is proposed based on the industrial data. A steady state model was develop and solved using MATLAB. At the end the optimization of the process was performed. MESH equations were implemented for the sake of modeling. Three key components are dimethyl ether, propylene, and iso buthylene. It is concluded that tary # for side flow and reflux ratio have important effect on the reduction of dimethyl ether.
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